Gabriel Pratt

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
NSF Fellow
gpratt at


B.S Computer Science, University of Washington 2011


Gabriel Pratt received his B.S. in [Computer Science] ( from the University of Washington in 2011. During his undergraduate career he had the opportunity to learn bioinformatcs in the labs of Chuck Murry, Martin Tompa and John Stamatoyannopoulos. His projects focused on microarray and high-throughput sequence analysis with a specific focus on epigenetic regulation of cardiovascular differentiation. As a summer intern at Microsoft he learned software engineering and techniques to analyze big data. Additionally he spent a year in the in Japan working with Dr. Yasunori Aizawa at Tokyo Institute of Technology studying functional upstream open reading frames. As a graduate student Gabriel is broadly interested in understanding protein-RNA interactions. Specifically understanding how combinations of RNA binding proteins influence splicing and how that regulates RNA translation and stalling. Gabriel is funded by the NSF GRFP.


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