Jonathan Schmok

Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
jschmok at


BASc. Electrical Engineering: Biomedical Engineering Option, University of British Columbia, 2017


I’m a PhD student in the Bioengineering Program at UCSD and I graduated from the University of British Columbia in Electrical Engineering with a Biomedical Engineering Specialization and a Minor in Commerce in 2017. I am supported by an NSERC Graduate Scholarship from the Canadian government. During college, I worked with Dr. Karen Cheung, assisting with automation of an experimental platform, and Dr. Martin McKeown, assisting with neural signal processing.

In the Yeo lab, I’m excited to be working with a talented and diverse team on a variety of projects and to be developing a scientific portfolio spanning from data generation at the bench to designing new computational approaches. I focus on utilizing high-throughput screening and synthetic biology approaches to investigate regulation of alternative splicing.


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