Alicia Van Enoo

Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
avanenoo at


B.A. Neuroscience, minor in public health, Boston University, 2016
M.S. Neuroscience, University of California, San Diego, 2020


Alicia is a Ph.D. student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at UCSD. She received her B.A. in Neuroscience with a minor in public health from Boston University. As an undergraduate, she joined the lab of Dr. Tsuneya Ikezu, studying the role of microglia in various neurological disorders, including autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Alzheimer’s disease, and progressive supranuclear palsy. After graduation, she stayed on as a research technician to continue her work investigating how pre-natal environmental insults, such as maternal immune activation, disrupt normal glial development in offspring, leading to ASD.

Alicia then moved to San Diego, where she completed her master’s degree in Dr. Wendy Campana’s lab, studying the role of the Schwann cell NMDA receptor in nerve development and pain processing. She then joined Dr. Gene Yeo’s lab to complete her thesis work, where she’s investigating neuronal and glial phenotypes in ASD using human stem cell models, including cortical organoids and iPSC-derived astrocytes.

In addition to her research, Alicia serves as a Polygence mentor, where she helps high school students explore and showcase a passion through a literature review, research publication, conference presentation, blog, or creative piece.

Outside of the lab, Alicia enjoys going to the beach, snowboarding, and trying out new restaurants around San Diego.


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