Esau Estrada

Undergraduate Student (Sammi Sison)
Cognitive Science
e4estrad at



Esau J. Estrada is pursuing a degree in Cognitive Science, with a specialization in Neuroscience, at UCSD. Before joining the Yeo Lab, Esau assisted in a neuro-vascular lab at the UCSD School of Medicine studying the disease of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations. His lab exposure sparked an interest in studying non-neuronal cell types during development and disease. As of now, Esau is working under the guidance of Sammi Sison studying Huntington’s disease using stem cell models. In addition to his research, Esau is a current scholar of the National Cancer Institute-funded Multidisciplinary Educational Approach to Reducing Cancer Disparities to increase diversity among cancer researchers and raise concerns of the nation’s and world’s cancer disparities. In his leisure time, you can find him playing frisbee golf, rock climbing, or exploring the outdoors.


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