Qishan (Lisa) Liang

Graduate Student (Ph.D.)
Chemistry and Biochemistry
q2liang at ucsd.edu


B.S. Chemistry, Zhejiang University, China 2018


Lisa graduated from Zhejiang University of China, where she was a chemistry major. She is not satisfied with just doing chemistry – there are so much to explore in biology, and chemistry will help! After working in a bioanalytical chemistry lab developing microfluidic-based high-throughput methods, she started to look into real biology, studying the phosphorylation of human 26S proteasome in Dr. Xing Guo’s lab in Zhejiang University. Since then she has been fallen in love with proteins and their structure-function relationships. Afterwards, as an undergraduate intern in Dr. Josephine Hoh’s lab at Yale School of Public Health, she got interested in human genome and RNA processing while studying the regulation of HTRA1 gene, one of the well-known genes associated with Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD) in Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS).

Now as a graduate student in Chemistry and Biochemistry at UCSD, she is grateful for the opportunity to join Yeo lab, and excited about being co-mentored by Prof. Gene Yeo and Prof. Kevin Corbett. She is interested in engineering RNA binding proteins based on their structures and binding motifs. Outside of the lab, she enjoys swimming, badminton, cooking, and playing ukulele for fun.


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