Stephanie Huelga

Graduate Student (Ph.D.) Alumni
Bioinfomatics and Systems Biology
NSF Fellow


B.S., Bioinformatics, UC Santa Cruz, 2008
Ph.D, Bioinfomatics and Systems Biology, UC San Diego, 2014


As an undergraduate at UCSC (Go Banana Slugs!), Stephanie had the opportunity to participate in plenty of research, both experimental and computational, in the labs of Dr. Manny Ares, Dr. Seth Rubin, and Dr. Kevin Karplus. Currently, Stephanie is a graduate student in the Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Program. In her first year as a graduate student, Stephanie conducted 10-week research rotations with Dr. James Halpert, Dr. Adam Godzik, and Dr. Vineet Bafna. Now, her research in the Yeo Lab uses CLIP-seq, RNA-seq and exon-junction microarrays to analyze mRNA processing and regulation by RNA-binding proteins and their roles in cancer and human disease. Stephanie is funded by the NSF Graduate Research Fellowship and is also a recipient of the ARCS achievement award.


ALS-linked TDP-43 mutations produce aberrant RNA splicing and adult-onset motor neuron disease without aggregation or loss of nuclear TDP-43. Arnold ES, Ling SC, Huelga SC, Lagier-Tourenne C, Polymenidou M, Ditsworth D, Kordasiewicz HB, McAlonis-Downes M, Platoshyn O, Parone PA, Da Cruz S, Clutario KM, Swing D, Tessarollo L, Marsala M, Shaw CE, Yeo GW, Cleveland DW. PNAS, 2013 [PMID: 23382207]

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LIN28 binds messenger RNAs at GGAGA motifs and regulates splicing factor abundance. Wilbert MW, Huelga SC, Kapeli K, Stark TJ, Liang TY, Chen SX, Yan BY, Nathanson JL, Hutt KR, Lovci MT, Kazan H, Vu AQ, Massirer KB, Morris Q, Hoon S, Yeo GW. Molecular Cell, 2012. [Mol Cell]

Integrative Genome-wide Analysis reveals cooperative regulation of Alternative Splicing by hnRNP Proteins. Huelga SC, Vu AQ, Arnold JD, Liang TY, Liu PP, Yan BY, Donohue JP, Shiue L, Hoon S, Brenner S, Ares M, Yeo GW. Cell Reports. 2012 [Open Access]

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