Undergraduate Student (Charlene Hsuan-lin)
UCSD Bioengineering
yuliang at ucsd.edu



Yueshan is a third-year undergraduate student, majoring in Bioengineering: Biosystems. She is interested in understanding the correlation between gene expression and human diseases with mathematical models and programming. Before joining the Yeo lab, she assisted at the Beijing Genomics Institute, practicing the detection of Trisomy 21 via PCR and gel electrophoresis on NIPT samples and learning about Trisomy 21 based on data from DNA sequencing. In the Yeo lab, Yueshan Liang is excited to learn about eCLIP QC statistics analysis under the guidance of Hsuan-lin Her. Yueshan’s project will focus on analyzing eCLIP quality control through analyzing signal-to-noise ratio. Outside of school and lab, she is most likely to be in a boba store, a dance studio, or watching drama while drinking boba at home.


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