Alain Domissy

Staff Software Engineer
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M.Phil. Computer Science and Control Systems, Bordeaux University M.Sc. Computer Science, Ecole Polythechnique Paris-Saclay University


Alain Domissy is a senior bioinformatics software engineer in the Yeo lab with extensive experience building tools for cloud genomics. Alain Domissy is a regular instructor to the San Diego and Bay Area Python communities. He is a Community Mentor for the Coursera/JHU Data Science for Genomics specialization. Alain Domissy has 12 years of industry experience architecting and implementing complex scientific and data intensive software solutions.


  • The C. elegans neural editome reveals an ADAR target mRNA required for proper chemotaxis. Deffit SN, Yee BA, Manning AC, Rajendren S, Vadlamani P, Wheeler EC, Domissy A, Washburn MC, Yeo GW, Hundley HA. Elife. 2017 Sep 19.