• R01 NS075449-03 [NIH/NINDS] (PI: Yeo) Defining the messenger RNP code in the brain

  • R01 HG004659-07 [NHGRI] (PIs: Fu and Yeo) Functional RNA elements in the human genome

  • U54 HG007005-03 [NIH/NHGRI] (PI: Graveley) Comprehensive analysis of functional RNA elements encoded in the human genome

  • U19 MH107369-01 [NIH/NIMH] (PI: Yeo) Collaboration on preclinical autism cellular assays, biosignatures, and network analyses (Copacabana)

  • ALSA (PI: Yeo) Comprehensive analysis of RNA localization and transport mechanisms in wildtype and ALS motor neurons

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