Julia Nussbacher

Post-Doctoral Fellow Alumni
Cellular and Molecular Medicine
jnussbac at ucsd.edu


Ph.D., Biomedical Sciences, University of California San Diego, 2017
Sc.B Biochemistry, Brown University, 2010


Julia comes to us with experience in both academia and industry, in fields ranging from cancer diagnostics to antibiotic synthesis. As an undergraduate at Brown University, Julia completed a thesis project in the lab of Dr. Anatoly Zhitkovich. She used a lung cancer model to study the role of mismatch repair proteins in the development of chemotherapeutic resistance to DNA crosslinking compounds. Prior to joining the graduate program in biomedical sciences, Julia worked in the biotech industry in drug development and diagnostics. As a graduate student in our lab Julia is interested in the epigenetics of the transcriptome. She hopes to apply her knowledge of biochemistry and developing computational skills to understanding how RNA modifications influence neural development and neurodegeneration. When not in the lab, Julia can usually be found lifting heavy things and eating donuts.


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