Mark Perelis

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Cellular and Molecular Medicine


B.A. in Biology and Economics, University of Pennsylvania, 2010
Ph.D in Interdepartmental Biological Sciences,Northwestern University, 2016


Mark Perelis received his B.A. in Biology and Economics from the University of Pennsylvania. As an undergraduate he worked in the laboratory of Amita Sehgal where he studied metabolic pathways coupling nutrient sensing to behavior and circadian gene expression in Drosophila pacemaker neurons. Mark joined the laboratory of Joseph Bass at Northwestern University for his Ph.D. where he developed and applied mouse genetic and genomic tools to define how circadian clock proteins expressed outside of the brain regulate physiological functions. He discovered that circadian proteins expressed in pancreatic beta cells regulate the rhythmic expression of genes mediating insulin transport and secretion resulting in self-sustained rhythms in their capacity to secrete insulin. As a postdoctoral researcher in the Yeo lab Mark is interested in how RNA binding proteins respond to circadian and other environmental signaling events to modulate gene expression and metabolism.


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