Ruth Wang

Staff Research Associate I Alumni


B.S., Biology, Neuroscience, University of Pittsburgh, 2013
M.Ed., Curriculum and Teaching, Secondary Science, University of Nevada Las Vegas, 2015


Though a San Diego native, Ruth moved across the nation to Steeler country for college, where she became fascinated by the human body, especially the study of the brain. As an undergraduate researcher in the Chu lab at the University of Pittsburgh (Pitt), she helped study the role of PINK1 in Parkinson’s disease, spending many long hours in the confocal microscope room. After graduating from Pitt, Ruth took a detour from bench science to become a high school teacher for underserved youth in Las Vegas, Nevada. Although she enjoyed making a difference in the lives of her kids (and exploring Vegas nightlife on the weekends), Ruth left the teaching life to go back to science, now working as a tech on the ENCODE team in the Yeo lab to build the world’s knowledge on the many roles of RBPs. Ruth has recently been accepted to medical school, where she hopes to continue her science training to benefit the lives of her future patients. When not pipetting, Ruth enjoys playing with her guinea pigs Callie and Phoebe, rallying for social justice, and seeking out the best flight of dark beers in San Diego.


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