API Reference

General use plots

Study.plot_gene(feature_id[, sample_subset, ...])
Study.plot_event(feature_id[, ...]) Plot the violinplot and NMF transitions of a splicing event

Interactive plots

Study.interactive_pca([data_types, ...])
Study.interactive_classifier([data_types, ...])
Study.interactive_graph([data_types, ...])
Study.interactive_reset_outliers() User selects from columns that start with ‘outlier_‘ to merge

Machine learning plots

Study.plot_pca([data_type, x_pc, y_pc, ...]) Performs DataFramePCA on both expression and splicing study_data
Study.plot_classifier(trait[, ...]) Plot a predictor for the specified data type and trait(s)
Study.plot_graph([data_type, sample_subset, ...]) Plot the graph (network) of these data

Splicing-specific plots

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Michael T. Lovci was partially funded by a fellowship from Genentech.
Partially funded by NIH grants NS075449 and HG004659 and CIRM grants RB4-06045 and TR3-05676 to Gene Yeo.